Our Fees

                                      Room                          Weekly

​                                       Type                              Rate

   Family (5-6)           Suite & Single              $175

   Family (3-5)            Suite                               $125

   Couple (2)                Single                             $100

   Single (1)                  Single                              $75 



   Our Rooms

   Perfect for families of 4 or 5
   Includes 2 rooms joined together
   Clients enjoy a private bathroom

   Perfect for individuals or couples
   Bathroom located in separate room to be shared among singles

  • Each door that exits into the hallway has its own separate lock.
  • Room keys are given to each resident.

​The Buffalo Peace House offers the following accommodations to refugees and asylum seekers:

  • Heat, electric, and water 
  • Full kitchen: stove, fridge, rice cookers, pots, pans, utensils, etc.
  • On-site laundry
  • Beds and bedding 
  • ESL classes
  • Recreation room with TV, books, games, and toys
  • A crib and baby supplies​