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    According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:

  • an asylum-seeker is a person that claims they are a refugee; however, that claim has not been proven.
  • When asylum-seekers leave their home country to seek sanctuary in another country, they must apply for asylum.
  • Asylum grants them the right to be recognized as a refugee, and makes them eligible to receive both legal and material assistance.
  • An asylum-seeker must be able to show that their fear of persecution in their home country is well-founded.


    According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:

  • A refugee is someone who was forced to leave their home country due to fear of, or actual, persecution, war, or violence.
  • Refugees fear persecution due to their: race, religion, nationality, political affiliation, or membership in a particular social group.
  • The majority of the time refugees are unable to return to their home, or are fearful of doing so.
  • Presently, war, ethnic, tribal, and religious violence are the leading reasons that refugees flee their countries

If you are an asylum seeker or refugee and need assistance call the Buffalo Peace House Office: 716-627-9800

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    The Refugee and Asylum-Seeker Population in New York State

     According to the New York State population report:

  • In 2012, a total of 3, 529 refugees were resettled in the state of New York
  • 90% of all refugees were resettled in Upstate New York
  • The top 7 countries refugees came from were: Bhutan, Burma, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • In 2012, Erie County led New York State in resettlement, with over 1,000 refugees being resettled here.